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System Upgrades

Hydraulic System Upgrades and Industrial Machinery:

Greenerd Hydraulics is available to assist you with the upgrade of hydraulic systems for a wide variety of industrial hydraulic circuits.

Common system upgrades include:

Replace existing fixed-displacement system pumps with proportional control pumps:

  • Drastically improved system efficiency with resultant reduced operating cost
  • Less heat generation with resultant reduction in cooling cost
  • Programmable and selectable horse-power control
  • Eliminates the need for existing proportional valves
  • Fast pay-back due to reduced operating cost
  • Higher Efficiency = Reduced Energy Consumption!

Off-line Filtration Systems:

  • Cleaner oil means less down-time due to contamination related component failures
  • Easy-to-install
  • Pre-packaged systems include motor / pump assembly, relief valve, filter media, and filter-condition indicator
  • Off-line filter systems operate 100% independent of existing hydraulic system
  • Extended warranty on the life of other upgrade components such as pumps and valves

Kleen Vent Systems:

  • Parker Kleen vent reservoir-isolation vessels prevent outside (contaminated) air from entering hydraulic reservoir:
  • Reservoir draws from contained air supply
  • Extends the life of system filters and insures cleaner oil
  • Kleen vent also prevents moist air from being drawn into the reservoir, which eliminates condensation build-up on interior reservoir walls: Reduces the introduction of water into the hydraulic system

Please call Rick at 800-877-9110 extension 245 for additional details on any of our standard upgrade systems!