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Standard Subplate Mounted Directional Control Valves, Proportional Valves, Vane Pumps, Servo Actuators

Casappa Gear Pumps:
High Efficiency Gear Pumps, Displacements from .05 Cu. In. to 9.2 Cu. In. Pressure to 4785 PSI, Multi Pumps, Aluminum Body or Cast Iron Construction. Configured for Industrial and Mobile Applications, Low Noise Design, Flow Dividers

Casappa Piston Pumps:
High Efficiency Swash Plate Design Piston Pumps, Fixed and Variable Displacement, Standard Displacements From 1.74 Cu. In., to 5.37 Cu. In. Pressure to 5000 PSI, Various Controls Available Including Load Sensing, Torque Limiting and Servo Controlled.

Casappa Ikron Filtration Products:
Ikron Filters: Suction Filters, Low Pressure, Medium Pressure, High Pressure and Accessories, Spin-on and Tank Mounted Designs

Peninsular Cylinders:
Fast Delivery on NFPA High and Medium Pressure Cylinders, Metric Cylinders, NFPA & Metric Air Cylinders, Mill Cylinders and Welded Construction, Special Designs

Clamps and Supports, Diagnostics, Offline Filtration, Instrumentation, Filtration Products, Accessories, High Pressure Ball Valves

Tobul Accumulator:
Piston and Bladder type Hydraulic Accumulators, Standard Piston Accumulators to 10,000 PSI and 100 Gallon Capacity

Baldor Motors and Drives:
Electric Motors and Variable Speed Drives, Premium Efficient Motors, Washdown, Close-Coupled Pump Motors, Explosion Proof Motors

Internomen Technology:
Hydraulic and Process Filters, Return Line and High Pressure Filters to 6000 PSI with rated flows to 360 GPM, Clogging Indicators, Contamination Monitoring Systems, Off-line Filtration Systems

American Industrial Heat Transfer:
Heat Exchangers, Air Cooled, Liquid Cooled, Outdoor Service, Mobile and Industrial Oil Coolers

Metaris Pumps:
Vane Pumps, Gear Pumps & Motors, Dump Pumps, Variable Displacement Piston Pumps, Power Take-Offs

Daman Products:
Standard and Custom Manifolds, Aluminum, Ductile Iron, Subplates, Bar Manifolds, Headers


Greenerd Power Units: Custom engineered and fabricated systems, fractional HP through 100 HP and above. Systems are fabricated and tested in our manufacturing facility located in Nashua, NH. Turnkey systems include motor starters and controls. Installation and start-up services are available upon request.

Greenerd Valve Manifolds: Custom hydraulic valve manifolds designed and assembled. Decades of manifold design experience. Aluminum or ductile-iron material is available as standard.

Controls Engineering: Closed loop and open loop application engineering, installation and start up services.

Field Repair: Greenerd machine technicians are available to repair hydraulic and pneumatic production machinery at your location.

Component Repair: Fast turnaround on cylinder and pump repairs